About Us

The first of its kind in North America

The Society has its own building which has been extended from time to time to meet the needs of its increasing membership and other added activities. It is an independent body which runs its activities without any government funding or grants. It is run by anonymously elected body headed by a president and his team consisting of vice president, secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer, ten directors, a counsellor and two auditors. The term of the committee is two years. Mr. Maghar Singh Sanghe, the president has been elected unopposed for his fifth term. The Society has over 600 members including males and females.


The Society aims to meet the needs of the community at every level, including fitness, health and wellness, games, bus trips, special celebrations and literary needs. The society volunteers to help needy seniors. We provide transport services to vulnerable people. Information is provided on cancer and other aging diseases. Blood, blood pressure camps are held regularly. The society also provides cultural and social entertainment.


The Society is equipped with library, audio-visual aids, health fitness equipment and indoor games. It has a separate hall for seminars, workshops, forums where experts on different subjects are invited to create awareness. Special attention is paid to physical, mental and social health by stressing on nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Members are trained in communication skills and living in harmony with others...

Our services are offered in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English.

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