Our Services

Helping Vulnerable People

The Seniors Society functions like an extended family. It provides number of social, cultural, language and health maintaining services to its more than 500 members including males and females. 

Multicultural Celebrations

Throughout the year, the Society organizes special events to honour and celebrate the cultural diversity of our community's seniors, and to promote multiculturalism amongst seniors. Indoor and outdoor community celebrations are held every year to mark Multiculturalism in British Columbia. These events present a variety of entho-cultural displays, music, poem performances, food sampling and lively cross-cultural interaction.


The Society provides the facilities equipped with TV's, VCR's and reading materials to the member. The last Sunday of every month is utilized for having poetical symposium and is open to all. Poets and signers from India visiting Canada also join and are honoured. VIP's of Canada and India also spare their valuable time to attend these functions.

Volunteer Services

The member volunteer to help in filling out various forms and returns and act as interpretors whenever and wherever needed.

Special Projects

In line with its organizational mission and values, the Society continually undertakes special projects in response to the needs of the diverse seniors population.

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